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Data entry

ALLERGENS, INGREDIENTS, NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION, etc. offers you a clear and predefined structure, where you can enter and/or select the food data or select.

Data exchange

Link the products of your suppliers to your products and the data will be therefore automatically transferred without manual input. If you connect your customers to the platform, these data will be automatically available for your customers.

What is the food information regulation (EU No 1169/2011) and whom it may concern?

The official EU regulation in English is here available.
The new food information regulation 1169/2011 intends to inform consumers better and more transparent about the food. She prescribes in detail, how food must be labeled and described in the future. Furthermore, it regulates the areas of advertising, distance selling and nutritional declaration and it must be mandatory implemented from December 13th 2014.

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We offer a platform for communicating with your customers and suppliers. If you recommend us to another company (customers, suppliers, or other), and they register in the platform, you will get a credit note for a month per successful registered company.